Looking For The Best Mentors
To Lead You To Success
In Visalus Sciences?

Visalus is the FASTEST growing company in network marketing.  Period.

I learned a long time ago that the easiest way to create success is to get in front of a trend and ride it to the top.

Right now, there has not been an opportunity for the average person to succeed like there is in Visalus right now.  But picking the right mentor is essential!

Listen to this short audio on how to pick a mentor:

I get contacted at least once a week from somebody that wishes they signed up with us.  We offer more.  We have better support, and we blow the competition our of the water with our marketing arsenal.

We are aligned with Cedrick Harris and the TTO crew, and also Rachel Jackson and the Visalus All-Stars.  This is a huge benefit.

Our Marketing Systems Are EXCLUSIVE To Our Downline Team


We Bring It

We have unparallelled dedication to our team.  And our team LOVES us for it.

In addition to that, we got positioned with the strongest marketing team in Network Marketing – to support our growing team and help them DOMINATE in this amazing opportunity.

Here’s Marie talking about our Team Support:

And we get results.  Not just hype.



Here are some team members who we’ve helped.  And these are real people – who we TAUGHT to have success.  These are not people who came from another program.

Ask our team if we’re there to support them.


Top Enrollers:

When we’re not building exclusive marketing systems for our team – that actually work!  We get busy enrolling.  As the top enrollers in the entire fastest growing company in network marketing, we have a HUGE waiting room which can help YOU hit ranks:


Marketing Domination

Go check out “Visalus” and “Body by Vi” on the search engines.

Seriously.  Who do you see all over the place?  It’s our team who is DOMINATING the search engines, and as Visalus grows throughout 2012, we’ll be getting more and more people and putting them in YOUR downline from our SEO.

Now go check the #2 search engine in the world – YouTube.  Search for “Visalus” and “Body By Vi”

Who do you see?

We recently taught our team how to optimize their YouTube videos in a private 2-hour training that is exclusive to our team.  And you know what?  We have a in-house keyword list of low competition, high-converting keyword exclusively for our team.

And YouTube SEO?  Its easy, and it costs you a big-fat ZERO on your marketing budget.

Nobody else can teach you how to REALLY market on a budget.  Trust me.


Team-Only Exclusive Marketing Funnels

We have 2 exclusive marketing funnels for your team.  (And we’re working on a third which is top secret, but will make some people into 5-figure a month earners within 3 months.  Expected release date: February 1st 2012.)

System #1

Currently, we have a customer acquisition system (100% free) that generated us 73 customer leads yesterday.  (No, not Craigslist.)  This is free, requires no skills, setup or anything else.  You can easily get a customer-a-day and go fulltime – but only with our top secret system.

Did you know that once you have 10-15 customers, you average almost $1000 per month in RESIDUAL income?

Anyone can do this with this private system.  It takes less than 20 minutes per day.

System #2

We have an exclusive webinar system that is the ONLY webinar that really sells Visalus as a business opportunity.

This thing converts like gangbusters.  (Hint: We hit the top Enrollers in the company not when we first started, but after we had already hit our list and we started running this money-popping webinar.)

So that means it’s the webinar that converts.  Much like Visalus is the #1 company, this is the #1 exposure tool for people who want to really present the opportunity that Visalus truly is.  And we designed it as a 1-call close webinar – which means that after prospects have seen it, they are ready to get started after a short conversation – so it was designed to maximize your time.

Check out the webinar that CRUSHES anything else:

System #3

Coming soon (February 2012)

Official Classification: Top Secret



free bonuses 1 Visalus Review

  • Full access to my $297 MLM Training product, MLMZing
  • Full Access to my Postcard Domination course (coming soon)
  • Free Custom blog setup ($197)
  • Private Team Training Site
  • 2 Facebook groups (mentioned above)
  • SEO Made Easy Video ($197)
  • Habits of the Wealthy DVD ($97)
  • How To Close Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere by Cedrick Harris ($97)
  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE Funnels (Value $5K)
  • Access To Kevin Hokoana’s Visalus Team Training Site
  • Access To Andrew Murray’s Inner Circle Membership (Reg $400)

We go above and beyond for our team, plus you get one-on-one access with both Marie and myself.



Look, we are both copywriters.  We know how to design high-converting marketing systems.  Companies pay us tens of thousands of dollars to set this stuff up for them.  But that’s all on hold as we build Visalus.  We’re not skipping companies.  We focus on one main company, and put all our heart in soul into it.

So if you’d like to join our team, just

The truth is that if you’re thinking of joining Visalus as a business, you OWE IT to yourself to at least talk to us and find out how we can help you build Visalus in 2012.

Looking forward to talking with you today.

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